Welcome to Morgan's Music The Music Company
Morgan's can record your original song and burn your on CD. Write music for your words or words for your music. Book your band or you as a single. Put you in touch with other musicians. Help you copy@right your song. Write a jingle for your company. The list goes on.

Morgan's can fix your PC, upgrade your PC, or sell you the parts you need to build your own. New or Used. We can also sell you the software you need to write your first hit or to score it. If you need midi sequences, we have a wide variety of midi hits to choose from. "Christian and Secular". Midi is our game.

We have a large library of Christian Midi Sequences. Christian Music Books, Lots of extras.

We have all of the Tune 1000 secular sequences. Every Secular artist Know to man. From the 40's to the 90's

We have all the music software you wiil ever need to build your own musical project. From notation software to recording software.


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