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"Morgan's Music"
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"Morgan's Music" is a full service music company. Live Music, Midi Music, Recording, Composing Music, Booking, Retail Sales,  Computer Setup, Computer Music Sequencing, Installation, Servicing and on and on and on. Our goal is to serve your music needs in every way possible.
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I would like to welcome you to my web site and say Thank You for stopping by. Morgan's Music is a one stop music company. It has been my pleasure to help people over the last 30 years achieve some of their music goals. This site only covers a little of what this music company can do.

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A Booking Agent for any Occasion. Music for Weddings Reception,      Retirement Parties, Birthday Parties, Holiday and Christmas Parties, anything that is musical.
Music equipment from electronic instruments to sheet music.  Recording studio for song writing to jingles. Midi sequencing and recording. Composing a music lyric or writing the music for a song.
  The Band "Morgan's Music" is a well rounded variety band that can adjust itself to fit almost  any occasion. With a song list that spans 5 decades, there is not much they can't do. 
Now Appearing At
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1974-1977 Texas's first all Keyboard Band, Harvest
1977-1980 Harvest was the house band at the Sheraton Safari Near Six Flags
1977-1981 Harvest, house band, Texas Stadium every Sunday the Dallas Cowboys played
1977-1985 Each December, Harvest played all the American Airlines Christmas Parties
1985-1992 Don Morgan was the house band at the Preston Club, Dallas, TX.
This is where Morgan's Music was first introduced.
1992-1995 Terry Morgan Band, house band  at Cappuccino's  Restaurant and Club, Dallas
1995-1996 Morgan's Music, house band,  The Adriatic Restaurant  and  Club,  Dallas,  TX
1996-2001 Morgan's Music, house band, Swan Court Restaurant and Club, Richardson, TX
2001-2002 Morgan's Music, house band, The Light House Restaurant and Club, Rowlett TX
2002-2009 Morgan's Music house band, Swan Court Restaurant and Club, Richardson, TX
2009-2015 Morgan's Music house band, Cafe -De-France Restaurant and Bar  Dallas, TX.
2011-2017 Don Morgan, Every Tuesday at Marcus Cafe, Richardson TX
2012-2024 Don Morgan Trio, Eddie V's Prime Steak House Dallas And Ft. Worth TX
2022-2024 Don Morgan Trio, Eddie V's Prime Steak House Plano TX

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The Band   The Company     Now Performing At     Business Friends Links